TEDx events all over Germany

TED has already written history all over the world and of course, Germany is a big part of it. We'd like to present you the first overview of the broadest TEDxEvents in Germany so far.

Theme: Focus!

Digital life has changed a lot of our habits. We have access to almost unlimited information that is shared freely, across the globe, within seconds. The mind wanders, there’s so much to see, to read, to listen to. It’s easy to get inspired but just as easy to get lost and distracted. In increasingly hectic and overwhelming times, we zoom in and out - and lose sight of a lot. It’s focus that counts. And there are a lot of stories and topics that deserve closer attention, require us to look at things through a different lens, and to dive deeper.

TEDxBerlin wants you to focus! On real knowledge, not alternative facts. On the bigger picture, and on tiny details that make all the difference. On good stories and things that truly matter.

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Theme: Embrace the future

Complexity has grown in each and every aspect of life. On the individual level, we are faced with an increasing number of options how to shape our life. As a society, we encounter a multipolar, globalized world where interests and privileges need to be shared better. Technological progress seems to be a promise and a threat at the same time. Climate change and scarcity of resources make it clear that we cannot just continue as before.

TEDxDresden believes, that it requires a close dialogue, critical thinking, modesty and optimism to handle the growing challenges of today. They want to inspire us how new technologies, increasing knowledge and mistakes from the past can be used to achieve a real progress for each of us individually and for our society as a whole.

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Theme: Decoding the future

Pretty much everything is data today. Which kind of naturally sums up to loads of loads of data. Or Big Data as we call it. Data itself not being good or bad the challenge that comes with it is: What are we going to do with it? At Datanauts they do not want to get stuck with the fraidy cats that only see the inevitable doom of evil in data. Sure, they definitely will have an eye on the dark side of it too. But they rather have a look on the possibilities which are numerous and thrilling. That is why at Datanauts they will inspire us with a carefully selected choice of passionate speakers. Each of them a true data expert – thoughtful, innovative, passionate.

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Theme: Good news

2016: A year marked by negative headlines. Global terrorism, the so-called refugee crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, panama papers, the almost ludicrous US election campaign. Just to name a few. Sometimes one thinks: We have not seen the world so crazy and conflictual for a very long time. It's time for some good news! Therefore TEDxMünchen 2016 will focus on positive topics. On solutions for acute problems. On sustainable, future-oriented ideas. On projects which give us hope. With their optimism our speakers will inspire the audience and send you off full of power and positive thoughts… into the last days and weeks of 2016.

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Theme: Rock the Boat

We live in a rapidly changing world, in a time of transitions and challenges, that many of us find increasingly complex and difficult to handle. It takes guts, passion and stamina to navigate these times, to be empowered, to insist in change and to disrupt the status quo. To rock the boat. But thankfully, there are always some of us who are brave and fearless enough to rise up to the occasion and to take things on by embracing the unknown and completely rethinking the approach. Who are these change makers? Meet the TEDxHamburg speakers. They let them reflect on how rocking the boat changed their lives and will find out if their visions and ideas made a difference… today, tomorrow and way beyond.

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Theme: Post-x

This is the fourth TEDxStuttgart, a conference for Technology, Entertainment and Design. They have invited experts from a wide range of fields including: research, industry, young entrepreneurs, thinkers, and artists. These speakers will share their perspective on what it means to be part of a “Post-X” world. We are in the “post” era. Buzzwords such as post-privacy, post-growth, and post-gender shape many discussions. What “Post-…” concept will be next? What concepts have withstood the test of time? What new concepts will define the future? Eleven experts from various disciplines will present ideas and experiences that will challenge us all.

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Theme: Trust

The world is changing at rapid speed and so are we. Technology is a massive driver that not only changes the way we live but also the way we work, do business, socialise and find love. How do these changes affect our "traditional" values?

At TEDxFrankfurt they would like to focus on the very human phenomenon of trust and on how relevant it still is in our lives today. Why do we trust at all? What does it take to build trust? What needs to happen for trust to be broken? Do political and economic systems still deserve our trust? Can or should we put our trust in automated technology and machines?

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Theme: Zeitenwende (turning points)

TEDxMünster premiered in May 2013 at „Hassos Halle“. For the first time a team of voluntary organizers had brought the idea of TEDx to Münster onto a regional stage in Westphalia. Ever since the TEDx community in Münster has grown rapidly, with new team members, volunteers, partners and ideas.

TEDxMünster 2017 was shaped by a broad variety of topics and professional backgrounds. On 27 September they invited 11 outstanding speakers and performers on stage to share their visions and ideas under the of theme of „Zeitenwende“ (turning points).

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