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What units all of us is a strong passion for TED and the aspiration to make a true stellar premiere Mannheim won't forget. We spark conversation, connection and community in Mannheim and Rhine-Neckar.

Oliver Brümmer
TED Licensee

Oliver is our TED licensee and founder of TEDxMannheim. He was born andraised in Mannheim. After having spent several years abroad and in other German cities he moved back to his region of origin. By organizing a true TED experience after being born and raised in Mannheim, Oliver does not only want to help spread ideas that are worth spreading but also aims at giving back to the region he received a lot of support from during his younger years.

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Alexander Tsyganov
Project Manager Main Event & Head of Legal

Alex is our Head of Legal and recently completed his law studies at the Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg after having spent a year abroad in Switzerland. Besides his studies, he worked for two years at Deloitte, mainly within the area of Business and International Taxation. Now looking for new and socially meaningful challenges he joined TEDxMannheim and supports the organization from a comprehensive legal perspective.

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Philipp Preuss
Head of Technology & IT

Philipp is responsible for all the technical matters at TEDxMannheim. Having seen himself in the field of mechanical engineering at first, he chose to study Business Informatics after school. In order to have a direct application of knowledge during his studies, he works at SAP at the same time. He is overwhelmed to be able to work in such a unique team with thecommon goal to create an unforgettable TEDx experience.

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Alexa Nieto Manzano
Head of Design

Born and raised in Mexico, Alexa came to Germany in 2015 to pursue the career of Industrial Design at the University Pforzheim School of Design. She has always been moved by the social challenges of our world and has the desire to influence this in a positive way. She has always found support and inspiration in the TED Talks since she was young and still living in Mexico. She is now working in a start-up in Mannheim and on the side working to become an entrepreneur herself. She´s really happy to be part of TEDx Mannheim 2019 and will make this event an unforgettable experience!

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Florencia Fontanarossa
Head of Speaker Program

Florencia is our Head of Speakers program and a Master student at Steinbeis University Berlin. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to Germany a year ago to study her master in Responsible Management. With a background in journalism and communication, Florencia is passionate about sustainability and has vast experience in social and environmentally sustainable projects. She is excited to find those extraordinary and courageous people and spread their ideas in our TEDxMannheim event.

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Linda Janek
Head of TEDxMannnheim Salon

Linda is our team and event coordinator an responsible for the TEDxMannheim Salon. She studied Business and Culture at the University of Mannheim and is now working in a local Start-Up in the field of digital innovation. She loves that TED not only allows us to learn something new but also to create connections between very diverse people and across different cultures. She is looking forward to supporting the team and creating a unique event.

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Annika Spranz
Team Partner Acquisition

Annika is a member of our sponsoring Team. She studied International Cultural and Business Studies in Mannheim, Bogotá and Passau and is nowworking as Communication & Relationship Manager at a local startup. She is passionate about literature, Pedro Almodóvar, theatre and hiking. With TEDxMannheim she wants to contribute to the city’s culture scene and share today’s most relevant topics.

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Arne Kronemeyer
Team Partner Acquisition

Arne is our Head of Sponsoring and currently enrolled in a dual studies program at the DHBW Stuttgart. He studies economics with a major in finance in cooperation with a leading German bank. After having spent a semester abroad he remotely works from Stuttgart mainly with sponsoringand treasury tasks but also as an allrounder in our team. Besides his studies, he founded his own company in 2016 in the field of software development and works as a project manager. He now brings his sponsoring experience in to support the TEDxMannheim idea and thereforecreating a truly unique event.

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Arnaud Thien
Team Speaker Curation

Arnaud is Program Manager at TEDxMannheim and currently finishing his studies in Politics and Economics. During his studies, he took different leadership roles in student organizations as member of the executive board and currently working at a local start-up. After having spent several years abroad, he is thrilled to be part of the international community he found, within the TEDx-community and supports the TEDxMannheim team in matters regarding the organization of events.

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Caroline Tussing
Team Social Media & Content

Caro is part of our marketing team. She is mainly responsible for social media and content. After her Bachelor studies in Business Administration at Saarland University, she worked in various fields and gained experience in human resources management, marketing, CSR and consulting. Currently, she is traveling through South America as a volunteer. At TEDxMannheim she particularly likes the common goal of creating something great and unique with an ambitious and fantastic team.

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Christopher Dengler
Team Social Media & Content

Chris is responsible for content and film production. He is currently studying "film informatics" at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg and is also working on several other film projects, like a full feature film as director and project manager and image movies for corporations. He now brings his filming experience in to support the TEDxMannheim team and helps creating the unique TEDx experience.

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Patrick Wambold
Team Legal

Patrick is a member of our legal team. He completed his legal studies at Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg and is currently Referendar at Landgericht Karlsruhe. Besides his studies he worked for a big insolvency practitioner in Heidelberg and joined ProBono e.V. - a student initiative giving legal advice for people who are in need and can not afford a lawyer. By joining TEDxMannheim he continues his social commitment and supports us from a comprehensive legal perspective.

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Xueliu Chen
Head of Team Management

Xueliu (Pronunciation: Sway-Leo; Chinese meaning: snow-willow) is our Head of Team Management and recently finisher her master studies at University of Mannheim. Born and raised in China, Xueliu came to Germany in 2013 joining a social service year program. She takes differentlens to learn about Germany - social worker, international student and sport industry practitioner. She is thrilled to be part of the local communityand make the TEDxMannheim happen.

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Nicole Walleth
Team Speaker Program

Nicole is a also responsible for speaker Relations. She studied Marketing atBAW München and is now writing her scientific review at Steinbeis-SMI School of Management and Innovation. Living and working aboard in France and USA open up her mind. She gained experience in marketing, communication and organisation while working in different industries. Always being excited and curious for something new it is her a pleasure to support this big idea of spreading ideas and bringing TEDx to Mannheim.

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Katharina Schillings
Team Social Media & Content

Katharina is our TEDxMannheim Head of Social Media. After studying Psychology in Mannheim, she is now doing her master’s degree in Innovation management in Copenhagen. She is passionate about design, innovation and communication and is looking forward to helping you to gain a great TED experience by keeping you fully updated about the event.

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Lars Liegerlich

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TEDxMannheim Team 2018

Birka Wolff
Head of Speaker Relations

Jair Rojas
Head of Event Operations

Sebastian Hirth
Head of Technology

Tim Neumann
Head of Sponsoring

Jamaine Pulat
Head of Speakers

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