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Tobias Schirneck (GER)

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Rapping away your sorrows

Tobias Schirneck is a professional musician and social worker. Throughout his studies, Tobias worked towards combining his passion for rap music with his desire to help those around him. He designed concepts to use music as a key to empower and motivate people and eventually founded the Who.Am.I initiative. His workshops and coachings focus on writing music to stimulate motivation and self-reflection, to foster team spirit and to build up soft skills and self-esteem.

Apart from this work as a rap pedagogue, Tobias is committed to topics ranging from supporting people with learning disabilities to helping youngsters to get into professional employment to the integration of newcomers to the city of Mannheim. Besides all that, he has published several records, tours clubs and festivals across the country and has been featured on works of famous artists like Gentleman and Claus Eisenmann.

Tobias, how would you end the following sentence?
What if ... tomorrow is too late to make a change?

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