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Tim Bengel
TEDxMannheim Speaker 2019

Art in the Digital Age knows no boundaries

Art amazes people since ages. But more often people feel alienated by the elitist appearance of nowadays art. A boundary ought to be changed.

Tim Bengel creates art, unique of its kind. In times of a never-ending stream of data, he has found a way to give his pictures a peerless style. He manages to transform pictures into artworks of gold leaf, black sand, and white sand with an ingenious collage technique.

His intention is to create uniqueness and to combine existing to something new. Also, part of his work are videos, where he shows the making of his art. His videos are the most popular videos about art with over 400 million views. Tim Bengel’s videos are a new form to convey art in the digital age. His art could be seen in prestigious Museums like the Guggenheim in New York, and he was awarded the price for contemporary art at the Biennale in Florence.

It is important for Tim Bengel, what his audience thinks about his art. His art is not just for an elite. He tries to break the boundaries of art to reach everyone. No matter which age, nationality or status: Tim Bengel thinks art is for everyone.

Tim Bengel | TEDxMannheim Speaker

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