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Changing perspectives - my path to self-determination

Stefan Utz (GER)

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The artist of life

Stefan Utz is a passionate international Electric Wheelchair Hockey player from Germany. He was chair of the organizational committee of the 2014 World Championships. By bringing the Electric Wheelchair Hockey World Championships to his home city of Munich, Utz made his biggest dream come true in 2014. He led a team of 17 members organizing the tournament in his native Bavaria. The German national team missed a medal by finishing fifth but Stefan Utz was awarded with the golden needle of honor by the German Wheelchair Sports Federation. Utz suffers from brittle-bone disease (Osteogenesis imperfecta), which makes his bones very fragile and susceptible to serious injuries. His two older brothers suffer from the same disease and work as a city councilor and social education worker, respectively, in Munich.

Stefan, how would you end the following sentence?
What if ... I had allowed self-pity to take over my life?

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