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Without the power of cities, there is no chance to solve global problems

Dr. Peter Kurz (ENG)

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Citizens as cornerstone for shaping urban life

Dr. Peter Kurz, Mayor of Mannheim since 2007, graduated from the law school at Mannheim University and then received his JD in 1995. Mayor Kurz was an administrative judge and leader of the social democratic fraction in Mannheim till 1999, until his election as mayor for schools, culture, sport and leisure. For his modernizing process of the administration, he received several Awards, such as the Sustainability Award for Governance. Mannheim was awarded the title UNESCO city of music in 2014 whose application was led by Mayor Kurz. His interest in urban development is reflected in being the president of the German association of urban development and housing. He is also vice chair of the executive committee of the Global Parliament of Mayors and a member of the board of trustees of the European young academic society, the Chairman of Supervisory Board at MVV Energie AG, and was awarded by the UJA Federation New York “Star of David” award.

Peter, how would you end the following sentence?
What if ... Mayors rule the world?

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