Gregor Stöckler | TEDxMannheim

Topic of the talk
The human factor in digital business

Gregor Stöckler (GER)

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Data's best buddy

Gregor Stöckler is Managing Partner and CEO of one of the most innovative solutions provider for holistic data management. Supporting SAP clients to make the most of their data, his company has been a global SAP partner for nearly 20 years.

Stöckler himself started his professional career at as a Consultant & Project Manager at SAP in 1997. Before he left the company after twelve successful years, he was Director SME Go-to-Market EMEA. He received an Executive Masters from the University of Oxford’s Said Business School and subsequently moved back to his native Heidelberg to join Datavard in 2011.

Gregor, how would you end the following sentence?
What if ... machines would teach us to be more human?

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