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Topic of the talk
Meaningfulness and appreciation as drivers of our behavior

Prof. Dr. Götz Werner (GER)

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"Those who want to will find a way, those who don’t will find excuses."

Prof. Götz W. Werner is founder and member of the supervisory board of dm. Before he joined the supervisory board, Prof. Werner ran the company for 35 years. In addition, he led the Cross-faculty institute for Entrepreneurship at Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT).

Werner is president of the EHI Retail Institute (EHI) and founder of the “Unternimm die Zukunft” initiative, which advocates for an unconditional basic income. He uses his public standing as one of Germany’s most successful entrepreneurs to voice concerns about social inequality and to advocate for social innovation and a more equitable society.

Goetz, how would you end the following sentence?
What if ... your income was taken care of? What would you do then?

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