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Florian Hoppen
TEDxMannheim Speaker 2019

The secret rules of the game called life

Children are peculiar. As an adult you sometimes look at them and you can’t comprehend their actions. But sometimes even adults behave childish. The child inside of us never really disappears and from time to time it comes out.

Florian Hoppen is what you would call a “natural leader”. After a classic apprenticeship he studied at the well-known WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. He is a qualified business coach and was part in various projects in start-ups across different countries, forms, sizes, and branches. But his life wasn’t always going successful. He had to end his promising basketball career due to injuries. But these defeats only made him stronger and motivated him to reach to the top. Looking back on his journey, he says, that he has learned the difference between “knowing” and “doing”, and between “thinking” and actually “feeling”.

Knowing how it feels to come back from desperation and defeat all too well, he aims to hold out a helping hand to those who try to find their way in life. And sometimes to understand yourself you have to go way back and understand the inner child still living in you.

Florian Hoppen | TEDxMannheim Speaker

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