TEDxMannheim Salon at engelhorn sportsHappend March 14th 2019

The TEDxMannheimSalon is a cozy TEDx event that welcomes a smaller audience for one evening of inspiring TED and TEDx talks and discussions that evolve around the topic “The game is on: change it”. Thus, it is an appetizer for the TEDxMannheim main event which will take place in summer 2019 under the slogan “The game is on”.

Our TEDx Mannheim Salon will reflect on the human desire to compete against each other and how we continue gambling at expenses of our environment, our values and ourselves. In a game, we usually make choices, based on its rules and our strategy. However, we can be game-changers too, by creating something new or changing the way we live and act. During the event, the speakers will share their ideas and experiences on how they changed the way they play the game!

Inspiring personalities on our stage

All of our speakers possess a combined sense for compelling talks and deep professional expertise in their field. Knowledgeable curators coached and accompanied our speakers on the art of giving an inspiring TED talk.