Discover TEDxMannheim 2019The Game is On!

Winning is a satisfying emotion. Victory feels amazing! But to get there you first have to compete and risk to lose. Games are everywhere: sports, video games and board games. We play, we watch, we cheer, and we sympathize.

Every day we face new challenges. Life itself is a grand game, we play on the highest level. We try our best and hope to leave the pitch as winners. In the game of life, you can create your own story. What have you ever dreamed of? Who do you want to be? What boundaries are holding you back?

We invite you to meet our speakers, who dared to test the boundaries of their game.
What is your next move? The Game is On!

Meet the speakersDuring the event our speakers will share their ideas and experiences on how they play the game

All of our speakers possess a combined sense for compelling talks and deep professional expertise in their field. Knowledgeable curators coached and accompanied our speakers on the art of giving an inspiring TED talk.